TikTok Job Recruiting


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  3. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/378667



Reflect on the following questions. 

  1. Do you think it’s unethical to consider or hire someone based on a 15-second video rather than the basic pdf resume and cover letter? Why or why not?
  2. What do you think of companies who are launching hiring campaigns through hashtags on TikTok? Do you think they’re actually able to find a good fit in a fair way or it’s mostly for marketing purposes? 
  3. For those of you on TikTok, have you ever seen a career advice video and if so, what was it? Did you find it helpful?

Discussion Questions

1. What are some skills that you would highlight in a 15-second video for a job you are applying to? 

2. The first article references an issue that could come up through Tiktok resumes. Anonymity could be an important factor when it comes to potential jobs, however, how could we resolve this issue? What could be some counter-arguments? 

3. What could be some benefits to Tiktok resumes not listed in the readings? 

4. Would you hire someone who submitted their application through a social media app?

5. Could this recruitment style be used for other purposes like maybe college applications in the future?

Screening Activity

  1. What are the driving factors behind why someone would choose to post a TikTok outlining their qualifications rather than simply submitting their resume? 
  2. Would you typically trust the career advice of a TikTok creator, in terms of resume, cover letter, CV, interview, networking advice? Would this advice be something you would actually end up utilizing?
  3. When you get the chance, spend some time on CareerTok. You can do this by searching careertok or resumetok in the search bar. Some profiles that might be interesting to peruse are @itsjessfromhr @erinmcgoff @andreaisawriter @greglangstaff @rawanog

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