Startup vs Large Corporations – Communication & Culture

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  1. The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture –
  2. The Soul of a Start-Up –
  3. How Do You Define Startup Culture –
  4. Company Culture is Everyone’s Responsibility –

Activity 1 – Discussion Questions

  1. What benefits does startup culture offer that corporate culture doesn’t? What benefits does corporate culture offer that startup culture doesn’t? There is no right or wrong answer; just give your opinion.
  2. Do you find the traditional corporate culture something you aspire for / want in your professional career or would you prefer a more lax startup culture? Why/Why Not?
  3. How can different people within an organization all contribute to different aspects of the companies culture (i.e: CEO, Human Resources, New Hires, Senior Leadership, etc)
  4. What are some ways your individual actions can contribute to firm-wide culture?

Activity 2 – Quiz

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