Social Media and Hiring


What Job Seekers, Employees, and Employers Need to Know About Social Media

How to Conduct Social Media Background Checks

Stop Screening Job Candidates’ Social Media


Discussion Activity

Reflect on following questions. 

  1. What were your thoughts on the criteria for hiring listed in the second article? Would you include anything else? Or remove anything?
  2. Do you think social media profiles can be helpful in the hiring process? Why?
  3. Have you ever consciously thought twice before posting something in terms of a potential future job?

Screening Discussion Activity

  1. include photos for ease of discussion
  2. Do you think employers should have the ability to dictate what employees can and cannot post? company promotion example, something to look at 
  3. For those who have private social media pages: would you go public if in the running for a new job? For those who are currently public, would  you stay  public? examine personal accounts small group overlap on accounts in terms of linkedin instagram twitter 
  4. Imagine you are doing the social media screening. Is there anything specific to your future field (that you know of) that would personally deter you from hiring someone? Visibly doing a job ex. laywers on twitter LinkedIn worth following and connect to them, social component, difference between visibility and how you would want to present yourself, group talk would you want to stay more anonymous
  5. Do you feel that social media and the presentation of oneself in that realm would is relevant to job performance? Finale question