Networking 101

Objective: Feeling more confident and prepared for networking

  1. Read articles

  2. Discuss as a class

  3. Show personal examples

  4. Quiz: Make a list of possible networking questions/ reaching out to people

Discussion Activity: 

Who in your community can you reach out to?

What has helped you if you’ve networked in the past?

What makes good networking questions and what would these questions look like?

How can you prepare for a networking call and make it authentic?

What attire should you wear for a networking event/video?

How should you follow up after a networking call?

Workshop/Quiz: Understanding your audience and how to format an introduction based on who you are attempting to network with

Find someone on LinkedIn you would want to set up a networking call, email, or linkedin message with. Practice taking the time to write a message introducing yourself to this person. Come up with questions you’d want to ask them if you were hypothetically speaking with them tomorrow.

Outreach Examples:

Example 1: Formal Email 

Dear ___,


I hope that this message finds you well and you had a great holiday weekend. My name is Greta Gersh and I am currently a rising senior at University of Michigan. ____ kindly provided me with your contact and I wanted to reach out to introduce myself. As someone with a keen passion for the intersection of beauty and marketing at large, I am very interested to inquire into and discuss your work experience at Elizabeth Arden and how you have navigated such a successful career in this cutting edge industry. I would love to set up a time with you, at your convenience, to speak further. I very much appreciate your willingness to connect with me in advance and look forward to speaking with you soon!

Best Regards,

Greta Gersh

Example 2: More casual outreach with graduate of Michigan (mutual friend)

Hi Elena! This is Greta Gersh. Molly kindly gave me your number as I expressed to her that I was interested to learn about your experience at Jones Road. I am currently seeking potential job opportunities at the intersection of beauty and marketing and have been intrigued by this company throughout the process. If you have any time at all in the near future, I would greatly appreciate setting up a time to speak with you. Let me know and thank you so much in advance!

Example 3: LinkedIn Outreach: Cold Messaging (no prior connections)

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