Two readings for this week!

– The right mentor can change your career. Heres how to find one.

– Mentorship: the students’ views

Quiz/ Review

Activity 1: Reflection

a. Reflect on a time you had a mentor

  • Why did you choose this person?

  • How did this person become your mentor?

  • Did you officially have that label?

  • What did you learn from your mentor?

  • How did you maintain that relationship?

  • Are they still present in your life?

b. Reflect on a time when you were a mentor to someone

  • How did this come about?
  • What advice were you able to give?

Activity 2: Email tips & Thank you cards


  • Begin with a salutation

  • Be brief and polite

  • Make your ask clear

  • Only write during business hours (schedule send)

  • “Kind regards” is universally accepted

  • Match their tone, but it never hurts to air on the professional side

The importance of a thank you card! Tips! *People rarely get hand-written cards so they’ll LOVE it*

  • Ensure the recipient feels appreciated 

  • Begin with a salutation 

  • Use the first sentence to convey graciousness

  • Refer to a specific event 

  • Allude to the hope of future interactions 

Use a professional closing

  • Write an example mentor card

  • Share with your partner