Jargon in the Workplace

William Gregory and Jack Clark – Meeting Agenda – 3/23/22


We have done a lot of discussion about topics that are centered around job hunting and networking, but Jack and I wanted to dive into something a little different. Corporate jargon is the slang often used in large corporations, bureaucracies, and similar workplaces. 

As you will find in the provided articles, corporate jargon is not just some sad excuse for camaraderie in the workplace. It does have its uses, although some may use it too much. No matter what you have previously thought about jargon, we hope you learn something new today.


  1. Read one of the articles in small groups – 5 mins
  2. Discuss your article in your small groups – 3 mins
  3. Share discussion and personal examples with the class – 5 mins
  4. Take the participation quiz – 5 mins


  1.  Circling back on corporate speak

Circling Back on Corporate Speak: The History and Impact of Business Jargon

  1.  Does your office have a jargon problem?


  1.  Looking smart with big words


Discussion Questions

  1. What did your article say was jargon’s function?
  2. What did your article say was jargon’s impact?
  3. What are the pros and cons of jargon, and how can one manage them?
  4. Has jargon ever impacted you in a workplace/school setting?
  5. Did the article change how you think about using jargon?


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