Generation Z & Millennials are buying cruelty-free products… to what extent?

Cruelty-free products & brand misleading

While Generation Z and Millennials have the right ideas in mind- ethical and environmental reasons- when buying cruelty-free products, brands are falsely marketing their products with these labels, keeping young consumers in the dark about what they are really buying. 

How to tell the difference between real and fake labeling

When buying cruelty-free products, look for the certified bunny. There are three logos that can be found on the product’s packaging, Leaping Bunny, “Choose Cruelty Free”, and PETA. With a product having these logos on them, it stands for it not being tested on animals. Any other logos are fake. To avoid false advertising, look up real logos to truly see the difference, download the cruelty-free app to scan the product itself, or do your research on the true cruelty-free products when buying them. Because there is no legal definition of cruelty-free, it leads to the overall misleading of brands, and the confusion of their consumers. Brands manipulate this to work with the whole idea of “cruelty-free” to better market their products to their buyers. Brands also trick their buyers through vague wording, hiring other’s who do testing, or animal tested ingredients within their products. Due to all these scenarios, it’s important consumers do their research before purchasing products.

Unofficial vs. Certified cruelty-free logos

Looking at the numbers

Millennials and Gen Z are changing consumer behavior around the globe, as 65% of Gen Z and Millennials described their top reasons for purchasing cruelty-free products is due to the positive impact it has on the environment. While they don’t always know exactly what they are buying, Generation Z and Millennials have the right ideas in mind. When looking at buyers who do check their labeling, 87% of Gen Z and 73% of Millennials check for those labels when purchasing their products. As a result, most consumers are purchasing cruelty-free products majority of the time.



Multi-national non cruelty-free products to look out for



  1. Nars
  2. L’Oreal
  3. Estee Lauder
  4. MAC
  5. Benefit
  6. Revlon
  7. Maybelline
  8. Clinique
  9. Chanel
  10. Dior

Cruelty-free products to look out for



  1. Acure
  2. Blissoma
  3. Color Dept. 
  4. Concrete Minerals
  5. ECOS
  6. Kester Black
  7. Level Naturals
  8. Lush
  9. Method
  10. Sibu

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