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Questioning Ideas: Get out the syllabi from the courses that you’ve taken this semester and look at the readings. In the form of a love letter, write to the assignment strategies employed in these different classes. Feel free to make this a Taylor Swift love letter which has as much dissonance as consonance.  Now that …

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“Stance and Engagement” Ken Hyland

Food for Thought What’s something you notice when reading when trying to determine whether something is objective or subjective? In academic texts, we’ve discussed how it’s impossible to remove an author’s personal evaluation of the material from their writing, why do you think this is? Reading like a reader: what’s Hyland saying? Stance and Engagement: …

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Questioning Ideas: Writers tend to change the style that they write in depending on their audience.  Fomulate a thesis statement on why or why not pineapple belongs on pizza for the following audiences: -Systematic Literature Review -Friends -Newspaper/Magazine Article -Children’s Storybook How does each differ? Why is there a need to change how you write …

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Reading #1: Not Genre

Questioning Ideas: For your SLR, fill in the blanks: “I am studying ___________, because I want to find out what/why/how ___________ in order to help my reader understand ___________”  and “In recent discussions of ________, a controversial issue has been whether _______. On the one hand, some argue that _________. From this perspective, _________. On the other hand, however, …

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