Cancel Culture






Let’s take 7 or 8 minutes for each group to read their articles and then we will share out what everyone learned and move into the disucssion questions:

Activity 1: Discussion Questions

What benefits does cancel culture have that other forms of ‘public repurcussions’ don’t? Provide your view on whether you think cancel culture is the most effective way for society to handle an objectionable opinion or poor misconduct

What are your thoughts on the unethical nature of Cancel Culture. Is it necessary?

Can you think of a situation, perhaps in the public eye, where cancel culture has been truly merited and been the appropraite form of silencing? Elaborate why.

Will cancel culture last or is it a trend, in your opinion?

Activity 2: Quiz

What is cancel culture?

What are some potential topics which have been at the heart of cancel culture?

What are alternatives?

Does cancel culture overpower apologies for controversy?

Watch from 0:17 – 0:55:

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