Diego David Maldonado

Cancel Culture

Articles: 1.) https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2021/10/05/be-careful-cancel-culture-is-here-to-stay/?sh=3e4ce4022ac7 2.) https://daily.jstor.org/cancel-culture-is-chaotic-good/ 3.) https://nypost.com/article/what-is-cancel-culture-breaking-down-the-toxic-online-trend/ 4.) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cancel-culture-internet-joke-anything-but/ Let’s take 7 or 8 minutes for each group to read their articles and then we will share out what everyone learned and move into the disucssion questions: Activity 1: Discussion Questions What benefits does cancel culture have that other forms of ‘public repurcussions’ don’t? Provide […]

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The Socioeconomic Barriers of Greek Life: Help is Needed

The Problem – Introduction: Greek Life is a very significant part of the college social scene throughout the United States. Greek Life institutions operate to help students build lifelong connections, gain valuable interpersonal and leadership skills, and turn a big community into a much smaller, tight-knit one. Through social events with sororities, philanthropic endeavors, and

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