Mentorship Two readings for this week! – The right mentor can change your career. Heres how to find one. – Mentorship: the students’ views Quiz/ Review Activity 1: Reflection a. Reflect on a time you had a mentor Why did you choose this person? How did this person become your mentor? Did you officially have …

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Other Readings

Questioning Ideas: Get out the syllabi from the courses that you’ve taken this semester and look at the readings. In the form of a love letter, write to the assignment strategies employed in these different classes. Feel free to make this a Taylor Swift love letter which has as much dissonance as consonance.  Now that …

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Questioning Ideas: Writers tend to change the style that they write in depending on their audience.  Fomulate a thesis statement on why or why not pineapple belongs on pizza for the following audiences: -Systematic Literature Review -Friends -Newspaper/Magazine Article -Children’s Storybook How does each differ? Why is there a need to change how you write …

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Reading #1: Not Genre

Questioning Ideas: For your SLR, fill in the blanks: “I am studying ___________, because I want to find out what/why/how ___________ in order to help my reader understand ___________”  and “In recent discussions of ________, a controversial issue has been whether _______. On the one hand, some argue that _________. From this perspective, _________. On the other hand, however, …

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