What Role does Ageism play in the Workplace?:





Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnp3T4Yzaws



Talk amongst yourselves and:

-Explain to each other how you would define Ageism.

-If you have ever had an experience you would describe as Ageism.

-If anyone you know has experienced Ageism.


Share allowed as a whole class.



As we all age and become older there will be times we will face ageism and the purpose of this activity is to see if we can identify some times in our own career paths that we will experience ageism. So the question is, in your career path do you see yourself facing ageism at all in the workplace, through the hiring process, or just in projects you will work on in your job or in any other way? 

So either on a piece of paper or on your computer, outline your career path from now until retirement and see if you can find anywhere that you think you will face ageism, and it can be as a young person getting hired or as you age having to get a new job or being assigned projects or anything to do with pay raises. There is no wrong way to do this, just do it to the best of your ability and if you don’t know exactly what your career path is, just pick a random career path.

Then can anyone share what career you have decided to do this activity with and the areas within the career you can see ageism affecting one in this field?


Reading like a reader:

As we read and watched these articles and videos we were given a lot of information.  So let’s synthesize what we learned. 


1. What is Ageism?


2. What is an example of Ageism?

3. Who is affected by Ageism? 

4. List ways to combat ageism.

5. In your own opinion, how big of a problem is ageism in the workplace?