Academic Libraries



  • What do you use your library at home for?
  • What do you use the Michigan library for?
  • What do you think the purpose of an academic library is (or what did you think it was before doing the readings)?

Quick Summary

Guardian Article- Less formal and more critical of the institutions of publishing and how expensive and inaccessible 

ARL Statistics- Statistics on spending and funding for libraries in academic institutions across the country

Academic Library SLR- The academic library has to serve many purposes and has continued to evolve and change to fit those purposes 


The Guardian Article

  • Who is benefiting from publishing scientific articles? Is it the publishers, authors of academic papers, or could it be both?
  • Do you think that this will ever change? Or do you think that publishers will continue to increase profits and collect even more money?
  • Do you think academic papers should be more accessible?

ARL Statistics

  • After looking at the statistics regarding UMich libraries, what do you think the reputation of our libraries is?
  • Do you think this reputation is important to the university in terms of prospective students? In other words, do you think the libraries at UMich play a role in attracting undergraduate students?
  • How do you think it affects our view of academic libraries because the University of Michigan is ranked number 2 overall in volumes in collection?
  • Michigan has the most support staff of any library in the country. Do you think you effectively use them or are aware of them?

Academic Library SLR

  • What are ways that you think academic libraries could be more tailored to undergraduate student needs? 
  • Do you wish you knew more about what the libraries at UMich have to offer, or do you feel like you are aware of all of the resources available?
  • Are libraries part of the university or do they operate with their own goals?
  • Do you view the library as part of your academic community and success?
  • Do you think that you will miss the library after college?
  • Are libraries beneficial to most of the student population?

Final Questions

  • How are you using the libary as a student?
  • How will you continue to access materials after college?
  • Do you see value in the UMich libraries now? How could you change them to make them more relevant

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